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Cloud BioSystem software enables businesses to upload raw genetic data, and have it run through an analysis pipeline that is tailored to their needs. The outcome of analysis is a user friendly report, ready to be used by either professionals or consumers.


Create beautiful reports from a variety of templates, customized to your needs. Showcase your reports in various formats of your choice including on your website, mobile, or as PDF printable copies.




Unlimited Flexibility


During the on-boarding process, we will chart your analysis requirements and configure BioSystem to output any outcomes you wish to detect or interpret.

Analysis can combine both genetic and non-genetic bio-markers for a complete analysis of the subject.

Multiple Templates


Include graphic elements, gauges, charts and dynamic text content to make your genetic reports clear and actionable.


Data is uploaded anonymously, and tracked by a unique identifier. Customer's personal details are not needed for the genetic analysis.


Genetic analysis results are accessible using industry standard protocols, and best practice encryption methods.


DrGene Hong Kong Limited

Level 8,

Core C, Cyberport 3,

100 Cyberport Road,

Hong Kong

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Cloud BioSystem


Transform raw genetic data 

into usable informative reports

DrGene has been engaged in research and development of genetic panels, genetic analysis software and reporting of genetic results since 2014. 


Our software systems have been used to analyze and report in numerous fields: inherited genetic diseases, weight control, physical fitness, skin conditions and skin traits and other genetic risk factors.​

DrGene is dedicated to developing cutting edge software to enhance the accessibility of genetic services. 



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